The Gallery

See Rita M. Feeney's artwork displayed for the months of July and August.

My artwork is largely inspired by the excitement of color that I find alive in florals and other vivid displays of shapes in nature.  In my loose abstract florals and landscapes, bold colors are complemented by the use of texture in different media.  I often reference photos for shapes, but rely on my inherent sense of color to illustrate emotion.  Splashy watercolors or acrylics form my underpaintings, which begin non-objectively.  Then, through the use of pastel, acrylic or more watercolor, my floral shapes are found, which entrances and captures the viewer's imagination.  I also enjoy Pleinair painting which allows me to fully immerse myself into my work and envelope myself into my own world.  I have always strived to maintain a balance between usage of striking color and docile sensitivity in my still lives, florals and landscapes.